ACT Prep Week

June 4 - 8

2-Hour Practices

The regular practices will continue through June 9th. Everyone is encouraged to attend this Thursday practice two days before the test on Saturday.

Cost: FREE for those currently in the practice groups.


One-hour sectionals consist of a full practice of a particular section of the test. Sectionals are effective for smoothing out your pace or for giving one section of the test an intense focus for the day. Highly recommended the week before the test.

COST: $20 per Sectional

Math Prep

Math Prep is a one-hour event designed to ensure math fundamentals and formulas are thoroughly reviewed going in to next Saturday's test.  Math Prep is targeted especially toward those who want to boost their ACT math score.

COST: $20 per night


One-hour relays consist of one problem set for each section of the exam. Relays are an effective review of strategies and routines for all sections of the test. They are perfect for light prep the night before the exam.

COST: $20 per Relay

Open Study Hours

Those in the practice groups are welcome to come to BlueJeep and study on their own. Bring calculators and binders to review problems from the practices. (Cell phone rules still apply.)

Monday through Thursday

6:30-8:00 PM

Cost: FREE for those currently in the practice groups

Writing Workshop

The writing workshop consists of a thorough discussion of the format and strategies for the essay portion of the ACT. Those attending will get an opportunity to practice a full essay that will be graded according to the ACT Writing rubric.

Individual Tutoring

Susan Childs

English - Reading - Writing