Admission Ticket

Photo ID

Two sharpened No2 Pencils

Calculator (charged)

Snack for the break

Positive attitude

Leave your cell phone in your car!!


Go to the restroom. Be first in line.

Walk - Stretch - Breathe

Snack if you need one.

Get a drink of water.

Stay focused. Do not gab with those who are not. 

Beware of sharing methods and last second reading and science “tips.”

Stay positive. Get keyed up for the first passage of the reading section. 


(Read while eating breakfast)


Commit to a perfect score as you read the title of each passage. 

Read carefully through the passages and answer questions as you go.

Don't waste a second. Don't skip a word. Every word counts. 


Read through the entire question. Think clearly and choose the best path for the problem.

Avoid the reaction of "I have no clue" when you first read a question. Remember some questions require five extra seconds of thinking before you say "oh yeah I remember that."


Reset yourself before each passage. Stick. To. The. Plan.

First 10 seconds: Get the title, author, and any extra statements about the passage. (Introduce yourself to the author.) 

The first paragraph is the most important. Walk in then speed up

Connect with the author's topic, tone, style, etc.

REMEMBER to kick your pace up as you move through the passage but stay focused. 

Read questions carefully. Of the four answer choices, two are dummy answers, one is good, and one is best. Pick the best of the four. 

Keep moving. Be careful not to let your pace drift. 


Science is the last section. By this time your brain is fatigued. Pull energy from anywhere you can and give this section your best effort. 

Dedicate at least 1 minute to the passage before jumping to questions. Move quickly but get the topic and layout of the passage. See how the pieces of the passage fit together.

Think clearly through the questions and keep a good pace. Do not linger too long on the last question. Move on to the next passage at the right time.

You've put in good prep leading up to today!

Do your best to get to you test site by 7:30. Center yourself before you go in and again once you are seated before the test begins.

Remember you best performances! Let them lead you through the test this morning. Remember the performances that were not so great. Let these guide you through the tougher questions. 

Stay calm. 




Go as fast as you can. Go as slow as you need to. 

Let me know how it goes this morning. Text me when you get you scores.